Lightweight, yet powerful MongoDB GUI for macOS

Diet Mongo is a simple and elegant app for interacting with your MongoDB instances.

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Query using Javascript

You can write your queries as you do normally in the mongo shell. Diet Mongo is capable of interpreting Javascript.

Diet Mongo javascript editor.

Create and store frequently used queries.

Diet Mongo provides an organized space for you to store your most frequently used queries so you don’t have to deal with files and code snippets scattered around.

Query list outline view

View results in Outline or Raw mode

Diet Mongo provides an outline view to navigate through your nested data structures and a raw mode where you can see the whole document at a glance.


Native and Lightweight

Written in Swift, and with a lightning fast startup time, Diet Mongo is designed to run seamlessly on your Mac.

Connections window

Secure and Ethical

Diet Mongo is built with security in mind. It supports SSL and SSH connections to protect your data. It does not collect or share any information about your connections. Everything is stored locally on your Mac.

Add connection form

Ready for macOS Mojave

Diet Mongo adapts beautifully to your visual preferences, whether it be light or dark mode.